Here at Coda Music we strive to find and stock the bestest and most wonderfullest of guitars, amplifiers and effects pedals….Fredric Effects is no exception…weird and equally wonderful!!

Fredric Effects is a north london based, boutique pedal company engineering beautiful recreations of much coveted vintage and bizarre pedals….at a very reasonable price!!!

Want a Super Fuzz / Shin Ei Companion but don’t want to pay £500 to some hack on ebay only to find it doesn’t work properly and is REALLY quiet?….get yourself a Fredric Unpleasant Surprise!!!

Want a Mosrite Fuzzrite but can’t deal with the cost of an original or how noisy they are in operation?….you want to score yourself a Fredric Foxrite!!!

How about a Klon? Overpriced? Can’t find one? Can’t gig a pedal that cost you £800?….simple!!…buy a Fredric Zombie Klone!!!




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A few random bits and bobs from Winter Namm 2016

Looks like there are going to be quite a few interesting new releases this year. Loving the look of the new Fano Standard range, the Marshall Mini Jubilee looks cool, as well as some nice new Gibsons, Two Rock, Collings and plenty more………….Not sure anyone really needs 3 necks though!

3591_10153899533672743_3725603175158561522_n 946127_10153899339342743_5083311412199545044_n 10376303_10153899628042743_3049642005901553545_n 12417677_10153899539762743_5403806131972312772_n 12417846_10153899676222743_4248119467487334859_n 12439145_10153899624787743_6137315550033510587_n 12507263_10153899340437743_6395107499702919332_n 12507272_10153899693032743_8551064326846819229_n 12507568_10153899692257743_6640134332311764528_n 12523108_10153899536267743_824287934783772421_n 12523166_10153899621507743_307647194812369505_n 12565384_10153899338602743_6003419901079794124_n 12573152_10153897665112743_4344988498140231985_n 12622013_10153898703337743_2962395201239463580_o

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Fender Custom Shop Showcase……..

Every year at Namm the Custom Shop has a showcase evening presenting the new range for the year ahead and lots of tasty one off models. We get the opportunity to buy the stand guitars by putting our cards in the guitars and later on they draw lots to see who gets them…we put plenty of tickets out and will see later what we managed to get… Its a bit of a bunfight, really busy and difficult to take pictures but I did manage to get a few…

10314540_10153898816837743_130205075748476003_n 11140046_10153898814437743_7059185342618979166_n 11224856_10153898814582743_5418458607206210251_n 12243460_10153898814767743_8793487658768768812_n 12417612_10153898814772743_4178772609419769426_n 12472683_10153898814532743_6325186733168529324_n 12472691_10153898814377743_4343976078859235312_n 12486058_10153898813607743_3802027591190138504_o 12507096_10153898814072743_1596707821367458233_n 12507342_10153898815947743_4300688694544026750_n 12524302_10153898813972743_94522035277070910_n 12540534_10153898814017743_742880413877759708_n 12540595_10153898814522743_5283298641720100570_n 12540660_10153898814362743_2433439699409416636_n 12540720_10153898816102743_4694725951696542847_n 12552507_10153898814822743_6047638617590186182_n 12552718_10153898813662743_1795756099618500607_n 12552786_10153898814212743_8417721818255319371_n 12552949_10153898813827743_247310005148611277_n 12552951_10153898814462743_3004125602134774068_n 12565403_10153898815872743_4073971617852454498_n 12573152_10153897665112743_4344988498140231985_n

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Trip to Echo Park Guitars……………

Our first visit of the week, we took a drive out to El Monte to visit Gabriel at Ehopark Guitars, played some wonderful instruments and had a great time.



12472264_10153897665427743_6422613246227338073_n 12487073_10153897665947743_2517674443129140225_o 12493751_10153897665737743_3924203097277346021_o 12509509_10153897665572743_4969896217091817076_n 12509543_10153897665752743_7458222542778935220_n 12510426_10153897665307743_1242717920955373223_n 12548958_10153897665257743_7505466379041044869_n 12552690_10153897665357743_5270188229572920805_n 12552769_10153897665602743_2979187510996910690_n 12552792_10153897665757743_3174907200451296060_n 12552862_10153897665167743_524335699925257511_n 12572991_10153897665377743_2554377798491039141_n 12573151_10153897665262743_6237035156756521370_n 12573152_10153897665112743_4344988498140231985_n 12592198_10153897665932743_7627840019126576532_n 12604743_10153897665082743_6932460756156440632_o

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Some Golden Oldies.

Take a blast from the past with these two super cool golden oldies.


A 1930’s Gibson L37 Archtop

  1. P1110242 P1110266 P1110273 P1110297 P1110303 P1110307 P1110418 P1110427  Just a glance at this guitar can be enough to fall in love with it. Dents, splits and scratches to boot, this vintage Gibson instrument is sure to have some stories behind it. It even made it through the second world war.



A 1962 Martin 0018G

P1110252 P1110258 P1110260 P1110277 P1110280 P1110288 P1110292Straight out of the swinging sixties comes this fantastic example of a 0018G. With scratches and dents all over and a nice crack in the side, this guitar certainly has been around the block, however still plays effortlessly, looks the business and has a superb tone.

Both of these stunning guitars are available in our acoustic store and on our website.

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The Year of Yamaha

What a year 2015 was for Yamaha. The creative bunch that they are, have come up with some really nice gear to get us going into 2016.


September bought us the much awaited THR Head. The THR Head is a 100 watt head with all the familiar functions of the much loved THR practise amps built with some fancy extras on top. All the power that you need for gigging, all the functionality you need for the studio and the same quality sound at all volumes so you can even use it at home.  We are very impressed with what Yamaha are doing with solid state technology here. Full range of valve settings provides an impressive variety of tones that any guitarist will find joy playing through. Both the single and dual channel amps are available now from our website.



December then revealed the new Revstar guitars. These are very exciting as they are the first new Yamaha guitar shape in over a decade. The Revstar guitars combine style with essence. They not only look fantastic but they make all the right noises too. The EQ switch is of particular interest and we think works particularly well on the P90 versions. Yamaha being Yamaha, they have worked on a technically brilliant alternative to a coil tap that works very well even on single coil P90’s. The 300 and 400 series offer fantastic value for money where the 500 series upwards offer a fresh look at the electric guitar. The Revstar guitars can be found here.


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Novo Guitars by Dennis Fano

1469755_1655067348095367_3907125176049065295_n920872_1655161278085974_6617525891865312348_o 12466162_1655161294752639_4279848610113572473_o

Dennis Fano has a new guitar line …Novo guitars..built by Dennis himself in Pennsylvania. The range consists of the Serus models , T, S and J and the fully customizable Sectis…We’ve had a T and an S through so far, shown here in the picture is an S model  and we’ve quite a few on order. They are absolutely stunning guitars and we can’t wait to get a few more in…

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Echopark Guitars


Gabriel Currie builds exceedingly fine guitars, the only trouble is that it takes so long for us to get them and we’ve never got enough stock…Good news is that we’ve two arriving shortly, this gorgeous La Carne and a 59 Deluxe..    html


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Winter Namm 2016


In just over a week we’ll be at Winter Namm in Anaheim California checking out and ordering lots of lovely new gear, keep up to date during the show on our facebook page



A sneaky peak at some new NAMM release Martin guitars.  

We’ve had word that there are some new kids on the block. Martin guitars have expanded their line up by introducing cutaway versions of some of their classic guitars such as the D28E, the OM28E and many others.






The 15 and 17 series Martin’s also have some exciting new models surfacing at the NAMM show like the OMC-15ME, an orchestra model, all mahogany body electro-cutaway.




If that wasn’t enough, the new 00L-17, 00-17S and the 000-17 will be sure to please. Available in ‘Black Smoke’ and ‘Whiskey Sunset’ these things look absolutely fantastic, we cannot wait to get our hands on them!


00L-17 Black Smoke


00-17S Black Smoke

000-17 Whiskey Sunset

000-17 Whiskey Sunset


Last but not least, there are some new Authentic series Martin guitars making an appearance, a John Lennon Anniversary model (75 pieces worldwide), a 100 year Anniversary Dreadnought (100 pieces worldwide) and a custom shop OM (50 pieces worldwide). These top end acoustics represent the very best that C.F. Martin has to offer.

00-18 Authentic 1931

00-18 Authentic 1931

000-42 Authentic 1939

000-42 Authentic 1939

D-28 John Lennon 75th Anniversary

D-28 John Lennon 75th Anniversary

D-222 100th Anniversary

D-222 100th Anniversary

Custom Shop OM True North

Custom Shop OM True North

Be sure to keep up to date with the latest by checking us out on and through social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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Mark Knopfler and Richard Bennett with their new toys!!!

Messers Knopfler and Bennett were presented with their new John Page Ashburn guitars at a recent show in Pittsburgh…and word on the street is they love ‘em!!

Coda Music is the sole retailer for John Page Guitars in the UK.

If you would like to try one of these beautiful guitars head down to our electric guitar showroom in Stevenage and prepare to be wowed!!



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